Think Outside the Box

Somedays, we’re faced with basic resources and few ideas, but many faces to teach.

Here are a a few ideas (from my PE3D3183-C class) of ways to use a variety of resources including film, worksheets, a short play, a textbook and a poem.


3 thoughts on “Think Outside the Box

  1. Hey everyone,
    I just had a concern about the First Nations’ text book list of suggestions. I took an “Aboriginal Women’s Issues” course back in University and there were several First nation and Inuit students who voiced their issue about when teachers assign students an assignment to create a creation story. They used a comparative that helped me understand it: A teacher would never assign an activity where we create a biblical story. Why? Because there is a portion of the population who believe the bible as truth. Just like a portion of people regard creation stories as truth. These students felt hurt when their culture was appropriated in such a way that mocked it.

    • This is a completely valid comment. Its also a strong argument made about doing Indigenous-style imagery in Australia as well. I will change the slide! Thanks for the reminder and the teachable moment.

  2. Wow! Thanks Amanda! I never thought about it that way. There are definitely other ways of exploring Aboriginal art forms (stories are definitely an art form but I wouldn’t want to insult or minimize their beliefs). I think ti’s VERY important to look at Aboriginal history more in depth…We didn’T really do anything beyond Hurons helped Europeans = “good” Native American, Iroquois fought against Europeans = “bad” Native Americans. We tend to over simplify their history…a big pet peeve of mine. Will avoid using creation stories as an activity!!

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